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Have you optimised your job search? An essential checklist



checklistIn this post, we equip you with a list of the key things you should think about to assess whether your current job search strategy is as effective as it could be. Without further ado, here it is:

  1. Have you made sure that your personal branding is up to date and as clear as possible? Just as for the manager of a company, you are the manager of your own brand (a company of one) and you need to make sure it is as sleek as possible since in the modern world of job search, a lot is about appearance.
  2. Have you performed a self-analysis exercise to understand your strengths and weaknesses and the value you will bring to your future employer?
  3. Are your application documents – CV, Cover Letter, Video Resume – in top shape? You may have some really amazing experience and education but if the design and layout of your documents is out-of-date, confusing or otherwise sub-optimal then this will detract from your achievements.
  4. Have you found that applying online may be inefficient strategy that results in few (or no) invitations for interviews? In which case it may be time to implement alternative strategies to increase your traction rate with recruiting companies.
  5. Have you engaged your network in the most productive way? By network, I don’t mean just your friends and acquaintances but second and third degree contacts (yes, just like on LinkedIn!).
  6. Have you done enough research on your target companies? And not just through websites and google but actually talking to people working there.

The checklist above is not exhaustive but will give you’re a good idea what you need to concentrate on to speed up and optimise your job search efforts. If you need any assistance and coaching on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at or


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