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Help with starting your own business


We can help and advise you on the following aspects of setting up your own business:

  • Helping you transition from working for an employer to being self-employed
  • Advising and developing your business idea/concept
  • Designing an appropriate marketing campaign – both digital and traditional marketing
  • Establishing your business presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media channels
  • Setting up and running your newsletter marketing campaigns
  • Developing an appropriate sales strategy for your own business
  • We can assist you in setting up the website for your business & your company’s social media presence

We have a lot of experience on hand of running successful businesses and would like to share our expertise and help you succeed!

The pricing structure is very simple: £90 per one hour session (delivered via Skype) or £110 for a face-to-face option.

If you have been dreaming of setting up your own business and need professional advice and guidance, please get in touch at