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Helpful career tips in our August newsletter!


Dear all,

August is here already and with it – here is the latest edition of our monthly newsletter!

First of all, we wanted to congratulate all those who have either recently graduated (for instance from LBS, WBS, Cass) and those whose graduation is coming up fast (Hult, Imperial, Lancaster and others). After all the hectic days of dissertation writing and last exams, you deserve some proper rest! But…not for long…

September is fast approaching and with it comes huge competition for new graduate programmes, placements, internships and ordinary full-time jobs. Summer is the best time to outsmart your competition and get your foot through the door early. So here are our three summer job search acceleration tips:

  • Develop a structured plan to get acquainted with the key hiring managers (and generally, the main decision-makers) in your target companies
  • Build your ‘touch points’ with them, by which I mean instances of interaction with your new contacts at target companies (I recommend 4-6 touch points over the course of three months)
  • Allow at least one month for a consistent networking ‘push’ – don’t expect interviews to pour in after just one week
  • Have your CV and Cover Letter up-to-date, proofread, and well-designed. These are your primary sales documents so they need to be in perfect order, as well as being tailored appropriately for each individual application.

On a different note, Dasha recently participated in an online careers panel set up by the Guardian on combining parenthood with a career – you are welcome to read the write-up of the key points in our blog. We also interviewed successful online entrepreneur David Sargeant on the challenges of starting and running a business. We have also helped our clients to secure interviews and jobs at the biggest bulge bracket banks, two boutique consultancies, and some of the biggest daughter companies of WPP Group.

You can find more tips, guides, useful interviews and more on our website and blog

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