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“I have missed the main recruitment cycle. Can a company create a position for me?”



This is a question I got asked recently by somebody looking for a position in the financial services sector. The candidate missed a deadline for an application for an advertised full-time position starting in September. So they were keen to find ways around the issue.

The answer to the question is Yes. Undoubtedly, it is much better to submit your application within the standard recruitment cycle to increase the overall chance of landing your target job but you can also try to inspire somebody at the firm to create a position for you. For that of course, you will really need to impress the person. By that I mean conducting such a thorough research of the company and the department of interest to you that you can understand the main pressing issues facing the company and its managers and prepare a proposal on how you are the best person to address them.

You would need to set up networking meetings with company employees and managers at which you can make your pitch, and I would suggest pulling together your research in writing and taking detailed notes with you to refer to in discussion. Make sure you carefully think through which of your skills, educational accomplishments and personal qualities could be of critical importance for the company in addressing the challenges they face.

Getting to know a wide variety of people and understanding what it is that they actually do will be very useful in your quest for a custom-made position. You might also find that there is a chance to take on some freelancing work in the interim, successful completion of which could lead to gaining permanent employment or at least a positive recommendation to other people in the company.

So keep a note of the standard recruitment cycle deadlines but don’t despair if you miss it – there is always still the chance to land a job with your ideal employer.

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