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Four reasons why I think it is worth doing an MBA and four hardest moments I have lived through in the process


I have recently participated in the discussion on the Guardian as a panelist answering questions and comments from the audience with regard to MBAs. Please see the link to the discussion – some useful insights there for aspiring MBA students:

I had been thinking about doing an MBA for a very long time before I finally decided to apply. That year, I quit my job and joined a large international marketing and consultancy company. I already had around 6 years of work experience under my belt and wanted to study again, to dive deeper into the financial side of running a business and to meet new people.

Retrospectively now, I have to say that I have ticked these three boxes by doing my MBA. And not only that but I also felt so much more secure after I had successfully completed the course since I knew that even in the toughest of markets, I am now well-equipped to either start my own business (which I have accomplished) or get higher in the echelons of the company I was working for.

So for me the top five reasons to do an MBA will be:

  • Expand your business horizons and become an ‘all around’ enterpreneur
  • Understand one of the hardest facets of running a company – the financials
  • Networking at the B-school will result in long-lasting friendships and connections you will always be able to rely on
  • Your MBA will ensure you feel secure and confident whatever turn the market takes

Despite all the positive aspects, my MBA path was not without its challenges and low points. The hardest moments of my MBA journey were:

  • Since I was working full-time while doing my MBA, the latter has pretty much taken all of my free time so I had very little time for any social life. So few parties and seeing friends only occasionally
  • I was super exhausted when preparing for my exams. It felt like I had run a marathon after I put down my pen after completing the last exam paper
  • I had to use all my lunch breaks, travel time to and back from work to study, read and write (and to do phone interviews for my dissertation!)
  • I had to delve into the areas that were not of much interest (or use) to me, such as operations management and I didn’t particularly enjoy the course but had to learn it from the beginning to end nonethless.

I would be interested to hear your comments on whether you think MBA is a waste of money or a great investment into your future. And of course, as always, please feel free to ask any questions you may have on MBAs in the UK.

Dasha Amrom

2 Thoughts on “Four reasons why I think it is worth doing an MBA and four hardest moments I have lived through in the process

  1. Exactly how long did it acquire you to create “Four reasons why I think it is worth doing an MBA and four hardest moments I have lived through in the process | Career Coaching Ventures”?

    It offers loads of decent details. Many thanks ,Magdalena

  2. Dasha Amrom on February 8, 2013 at 1:01 pm said:

    Hi Magdalena,

    Thanks for your feedback. It took 3 years of an MBA :) and a few days of planning the actual blog. What do you do?


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