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New Year – New CV – New Job. Tips on how to make your CV stand out in 2015


You had a fun and restful festive season but now the New Year has begun and you have made your New Year resolutions. And one of them is to find a new and exciting job. Well, with a new recruitment season starting in January and a variety of new jobs advertised, you have a good chance of being selected for an interview. BUT…

You must get your CV in good working order for 2015. So we decided to supply you with some handy tips on how to make the best of your education, work experience and hobbies and portray your personal brand in the best light.

1. Make sure all your contact information is up-to-date and complete including with your postal address. I see clients’ CVs with no addresses, no contact number – so how is a recruiter supposed to get in touch with you if he this information is not readily available?

2. Don’t omit your personal statement at the top as this should summarise for the reader what are your key experiences, what kind of job you are searching for and of course, what makes you unique. It is one of the first things a recruiter will see so make sure it is snappy, succinct and to the point (and relevant to your target industry/company)

3. I encourage my clients to list hobbies and interests outside of education and work as it is important to present yourself as a diverse and well-rounded person but it is worth keeping in mind certain things have connotations, such as for instance, some sports such as wrestling and boxing can be associated with being aggressive in some people’s minds.

4. Don’t assume that if you have worked for a large and well-known company, others will know what you did there without proper descriptions of your main responsibilities. Once again, keep it short and relevant and include a lot of factual information, not just purely quantitative statements.

5. Avoid including all your university clubs and activities if you already have some paid work experience since you run the risk of ‘overcrowding’ your CV and making it hard to reach the core and for a recruiter to understand what you are all about.

We hope the tips above will help you in designing your 2015 new look CV and if you need any help on professional and tailored CV and Cover Letter design, please get in touch on and check out website for more information.

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