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Our new workshop – “Your most daunting interview questions answered!”


interviewsOn popular demand, we are now running ‘Your most daunting interview questions answered’ seminar!  Sign up for our  specialised session on how to conquer the toughest interview questions. Once you register your interest on our contact page , we will get in touch to confirm your booking.

We well cover:

  • Suggested answers to the hardest interview questions you have encountered (you can freely ask your own questions during the session)
  • Practice tackling difficult technical questions for second and third stage interview at an investment bank (financial concepts and practical exercises)
  • Case studies for consultancies
  • Advice on what questions to ask at the end of an interview and at each stage

And we do it all because we believe in you and want you to succeed!

The price for a one-to-one 60 min Skype session is £95.