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ccvDear all,

The time has come for another monthly installment of news from Career Coaching Ventures. Not surprisingly, September saw a pick up in recruitment across industries and companies, including banking, consultancies, marketing companies and many other small and large businesses.

A number of you sat numerical and verbal numeracy tests over the past few weeks, while others preparing to go face to face with them in October. To help all those taking such tests – particularly in banking/consultancy – interviews, we have written a blog post outlining five key strategies to success with some examples. Have a read of the article here ( and don’t forget that careful preparation is critical.

As a lot of you are currently in the process of networking in your target companies to avoid the black hole of applying online (or indeed, combining both strategies), you may benefit from our proprietary networking matrix of contacts in your target industry/companies, customised for each individual client and complete with email addresses. Networking has never been more important so get organised and start getting in touch with people in your companies and get in touch with us for further information on how we can help you.

Dasha is due to present a webinar at Warwick Business School in October on Content Marketing and has written a short blog post ahead of the online lecture concentrating on effective content marketing strategies, which you can access here ( . We hope it will be useful both for individuals hoping to strengthen their personal branding and website and for businesses contemplating advancing into the world of content marketing.

For those of your thinking of changing careers, our article on career transitions will hopefully be useful and relevant – please have a look here ( . We also discussed influencing strategies ( applied in the job search process, and interviewed Dr. Jill Stuart on her personal experience of getting a post-study visa in the UK ( .

Dasha Amrom

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