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“So Incredibly Far Away”



As you may have guessed based on my previous articles and posts, I tend to write about career and business-related issues. This post, however, is only indirectly related to work, careers and professional coaching.

This post is about a book. Yes, my first novel – “So Incredibly Far Away”. In a nutshell, it is a story of an ordinary Belarusian girl with high dreams and aspirations who is actively engaged in anti-government activities and protests against the dictatorial regime in Belarus. And one day, on her way to a job interview, Sveta’s whole life turns upside down…

Yes, you may say – you have managed to tie in job interviews even in your book. So it is connected to my business in this subtle way I guess, but most importantly, this novel and its publication at this specific point in my life is a testament to the fact that setting up my own company and doing things I am passionate about have unleashed a wave of creativity that has eventually led to publication of my novel.

I believe that if I was still working for somebody else, doing the job I wasn’t necessarily inspired by, I wouldn’t be in position to be writing this post now. Running the business I love has liberated my creativity and passion for writing and I am proud to say that the book has now been published by me on Amazon and can be accessed here.

I would love to hear your comments once you have read it – keep them coming!

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