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“It was a great pleasure to work with Dasha! After merely one session my CV and Cover Letter have improved drastically. Now they look very professional and to the point! I would definitely recommend Career Coaching Ventures services to people who are looking for a professional assistance in job hunting.” Ayka S, Moscow/London

“Dasha is a brilliant advisor; her extensive knowledge of a number of industries sets her apart. She is extraordinarily personable and is always available to answer questions as they arise. I couldn’t recommend her enough, and I hope that many more can benefit from her service.” Chandni K, London

“Dasha is an extraordinary person who has helped me during ongoing applications. She is an excellent manager and a concise person that gives you tremendous advice thanks to her experience and strong academic background. She tailored my CV and Cover Letter very quickly and provided me with thorough career advice. Moreover, Dasha is a very positive and dynamic person who builds strong relationships with her clients and I am really looking forward to enhance myself thanks to her coaching.” Badr B, Morocco/UK

“Dasha has contributed so much so far. She is not only an advisor for job applications, but a career coach which will shape your life from the first session. She actually enlightened me with her professional approach towards the current job market in management consulting and banking. She definitely knows how to make someone present himself both on social media and during having an interview. I could just say that the service she provides is worth every single penny. Her stunning knowledge in sectors and recruitment processes is not different from the HR managers of the top companies.” Erdem A, Turkey

“Dasha is a fantastic people person who has helped launch my career search. She’s helped tailor my CV and cover letter and has provided me with helpful career advice. I look forward to closely working with her for the next few months and possibly again in the future.” Nida K. USA

“Dasha has provided me with some invaluable advise and helped me shape my career in the right direction. She analysed my profile, my skills and my career aspirations and suggested an approach tailored to my requirements. After having met her I am certainly more confident about my career direction. With her guidance and expertise I am sure I will be able to land upon the job profile of my choice. I would definitely recommend her to anybody who seeks a challenging role in the most competitive sectors of investment banking, management consultancy or development banks.” Akshay U, India

“Dasha is an expert of career coaching. She has many years working experience in UK. Her calming personality will make you very comfortable when you talk with her. She is always encouraging and positive. She also pays attention to detail. I am looking forward to working her in next sessions.” Biqiang S, China

“Dasha has a very positive and motivational attitude. My sessions with her have been highly influential. She has great knowledge about the marketing industry, especially regarding research and account management. She has an effective approach to deal with the challenges of the current job market. I am looking forward to progressing with her coaching.” Irem T. Turkey

“Dasha is currently helping me with transitioning into investment banking. She did an excellent job on my CV and cover letter, bringing those to a high standard that the industry requires. A subsequent informative session with her resulted in a detailed application strategy tailored for the position I’m targeting. Dasha is extremely knowledgeable and insightful, her advice is detailed and specific to one’s career goals and needs. I am looking forward to continuing working with Dasha on my career transition, and I would highly recommend her services without any reservations. If you are thinking about options for the next phase of your career, you should undoubtedly be speaking to Dasha!” Dmytro A, UK

“Career Coaching Ventures conducted an in-depth analysis of my profile and my academic and professional career. My CV was quickly and amazingly edited and tailored to the new market trends, especially for the Telecom sector in the UK. I was surprised by the enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism of Dasha. The motivation and energy are contagious and allowed me to stimulate to my new and future professional challenges. Skype sessions allowed a sharing of experiences and valuable information, giving advice and guidance in order to be better prepared and positioned for the job market. I personally want to thank Dasha for her commitment and contribution and certainly I’ll recommend to all my contacts and friends.I look forward to continue a professional relationship with Dasha in the near future.” Rui M. Portugal

“Dasha from Career Coaching Ventures showed passion and professionalism regarding the improvement of my CV. During our interview she was very enthusiastic regarding the positive changes that can be made and regarding the effects these changes will make for my job hunt. Now I can say, that she was right. The newly tailored version of the CV resulted in a larger number of interviews under a short time, therefore I can recommend Career Coaching Ventures to anybody who wants to achieve results, while searching for a job in the UK job market”. Miklos B. Hungary/UK

“Dasha has helped me tremendously. She was extremely quick with editing my CV and it has never looked better. I found her very friendly, encouraging and very well informed with current trends and recruitment process information. Her one to one sessions were very helpful as well, she gave me a detailed insight of the interview process particularly the types of questions employers might ask. She gave me useful tips and information that without a doubt will improve my chances. Thank you Dasha and I would not hesitate recommending you to any of my friends”. Nicholas T. London

“My first session with Dasha was very positive and promising. She has a great knowledge of the current marketing industry as well as the changing specifications of CVs and Cover Letters required. Although her best quality is the detailed interest she takes in with her clients making it a very fulfilling relationship. I look forward to progressing with her guidance”. Varun M. India/UK

“The level of professionalism exhibited by Dasha is exemplary, I felt a genuine focus on my needs which was potrayed in the improved version of my CV, which was delivered in a very timely fashion. The added advantage is that she follows up with the process after delivery, showing career development is the main focus and a truly well-rounded experience putting the client needs first”. Dare A. London

“Dasha presented a highly professional webinar on “Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses” earlier this month. She engaged well with the audience-her enthusiasm is highly infectious and she also made good use of the technology to encourage audience participation. Dasha not only used poll questions asking participants to select one from a number of possible answers to a question but shared videos and took her audience on a tour of various websites which is not always easy in an online classroom environment! Dasha shared her insights on “Why social media marketing is important for small businesses”, “How to create your social media campaign” and “Blogging using a range of social media” as well as “Video marketing”. Dasha received great feedback from the students and alumni that attended-her knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject are contagious. It is difficult to take such a broad subject and share meaningful takeaways in just one hour, however Dasha managed this!” Sarah J, careers manager, Warwick Business School

“My first session with Dasha was very informative and encouraging. I find her to be very knowledgable about the current CV standards and the UK job market as a whole. I feel very confident in recommending Career Coaching Ventures to my friends and family and look forward to continuing a working relationship with Dasha in the near future”. Rachel N. Germany

“Career Coaching Ventures has been been a great guidance on the path into exploring the possibilities of my career. I was given a detailed insight through one-to-one sessions, and within days my CV was altered and tailored to my chosen industries along with the constant support and advice, which was very useful – Thank you Dasha!”  Zainab F. London

“Wanting to pursue my education, for self-recognition and a better career in future, was one aspect; knowing how to identify what I have already professionally achieved, and use it as platform to narrow down the best options I could have ahead of me, was another aspect. Career Coaching Ventures, through Dasha, has accomplished a terrific merging of both aspects in no time, and allowed me to clearly see things through by jump-starting my motivation with a new challenge that I am planning on overcoming.” Dauphin M. United States

“Career Coaching Ventures have exceeded my expectations! Dasha is very thorough and on top of the latest trends. She knows how to get your name out there!” Ciara R, entrepreneur, London

‘Thank you so much for your help on my CV. I would highly recommend Dasha to anyone. Exceptionally fast and efficient feedback and contact, with great knowledge about a variety of sectors. Great value too’. Lesley B. London

‘Career Coaching Ventures offered me some very great advice when considering my application for an MBA. They emphasised the importance of essay writing, a polished CV and good description of work experience’. Natalie F. Solihull

‘Thanks for inspiring me to pull myself together and start searching for a new job. I felt lost after an unexpected redundancy with a small daughter to support. Your positive attitude, industry knowledge and enthusiasm have made me feel more confident and helped me start believing in myself again’. Katie L. London

‘Получила возможность работать в Англии. нужно было пройти несколько интервью. однако особенности устройства на работу в России сильно отличаются от британских . Так в двух словах, то в России прием на работу осуществляется про протекции здесь важно иметь знакомых на фирме и совсем практически не имеет значения твой профессиональный потенциал. В Британии все наоборот, причем надо пройти через сито нескольких (бывает, до 5) видов интервью, конкурируя с десятком других претендентов. Поэтому сочла полезным для себя обратиться в эту фирму. И.. не пожалела. На данный момент нашла работу по своей специальности, причем на 50 процентов этим обязана фирме Career Coaching Ventures’. Юлия Зуева, Москва-Лондон

‘Thank you Dasha – some very useful advice on the presentation I had to prepare for my third interview. I have been given very thorough step-by-step guidance”. Silvia P. London

“Being given some tasks to kick start my search again helped. Being on the search treadmill for so long had made me jaded and I had lost impetus. Having someone actually pay attention and care made a difference”. Evelyn P. Sussex

“I emailed my CV, and received a rapid response the next morning. Dasha sent helpful tips and sound suggestions that I surely used to touch up my CV. A trustworthy service, thank you for your advice and confidentiality! much appreciated “. Reem J. Lebanon