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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” (Abraham Lincoln)


When people ask me, ‘Where are you from?’ I tend to reply, ‘I am international’.  Maybe it’s good or maybe it’s bad, but there is no country I can really call home. I have lived and worked in five countries and the last (this time maybe final) stop is the UK.

I first came to London many years ago as an international student keen to start a Master’s degree in International Relations. Towards the end of my degree, alarm bells started ringing in my mind that my student visa was going to expire soon meaning that if I wanted to stay in the UK I needed to hurry to secure a job with a company that could sponsor my work permit. And so I did. Not without endless hours spent sending out applications and not without numerous rejections. But I got there – a nice steady post-Master’s job accompanied by my first UK work permit. But it was just the beginning.

A number of years, a couple of great jobs and work permits later, I have come closer to achieving my ultimate dream – of running my own international business & career consultancy. Although I did establish my first company in Prague when I was 19 and completing my first degree (which I had started at the University of New York), it was a language school and therefore, quite far from my consultancy idea.

I completed an MBA from Warwick Business School and set up Career Coaching Ventures here in London.  I have made my dream happen and I am so happy to be able to say I feel content  now that I am leading and managing my own career and business coaching consultancy and that I can help people and other businesses to achieve their potential and succeed in this super-charged competitive world.  

I love working with international students and executives who would like to make UK their home and secure and succeed in their job in this country. I have gone through the whole process myself and understand how difficult it is to compete against such a large pool of qualified candidates in this hirer’s market. If you need to find a company that will sponsor your work permit on top of it all, it gets even more challenging.

But ultimately, all the above goes to prove that it is possible to make your career dreams and aspirations come true – it requires a lot of hard work, time, perseverance and support of others, but it is achievable if you put your mind to it and resolve to make it happen.  

Dasha Amrom

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