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Update on what was happening in the world of Career Coaching Ventures in October


Dear all,

November is upon is and this means the autumn recruitment cycle is gradually coming to an end for a lot of companies. But there is still time to get onto the job ladder before Christmas so it is still worth putting in the effort to identify one of the many open and ‘hidden’ job openings that still exist.

Since our company’s mantra is that getting a job is all about successful and targeted networking, we published an article on Three Networking Mistakes to Avoid and hope it will provide you with some useful insight on how to structure your networking campaign. Have a look here.

We also recently launched a new and very popular service – arranging informational interviews on clients’ behalf with senior people in their target companies. 

A lot of our clients sat psychometric ability tests in October, including the dreaded numerical and situational judgement tests. To provide some useful tips and advice, we interviewed Ellen Bard, an occupational psychologist who has actually designed a number of these tests for large companies during her employment at SHL. You can read through the interview here. If you are faced with a test and need some assistance, give us a shout.

And of course, with a lot of you interviewing at the moment, we thought it would be useful to write up a summary of Dasha’s participation on the expert panel of the Guardian Careers Twitter discussion on the most difficult interview questions and how to tackle them – the write-up can be found here and contains a number of tips on addressing challenging questions.

And our new special edition blog for women returning to work after a spell of maternity leave, based on interviews conducted with a number of women who have recently gone through this process, can be found here.

Last month we also assisted our clients in designing video resumes, interview preparation, CV and Cover Letter optimisation and setting up informational interviews across the banking, management consultancy and marketing industries.

This month case study: Following our sessions and work together, one of my clients has made a lot of contacts in the management consultancy industry and is due to start interviewing for one of the biggest management consultancy firms next week. As a result of our guidance, he has now recorded a successful video resume in addition to his standard CV+Cover Letter document pack.

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