Career Coaching Ventures Building Your Career & Business From The Inside

What we do


Redundancy… Difficulties in finding a new job… Need inspiration to re-assess your goals… Would like to get into Investment Banking/Consulting/Sales/Marketing/Market Research but don’t know where to start? 

We provide help and guidance in these difficult times:

  • Face-to-face and phone coaching on how to position yourself in order to stand out throughout the recruitment process, succeed at interviews and network effectively in your specific industries
  • CV and Cover Letter design, writing and optimisation
  • Video resume script writing and design
  • Recommendations on how to switch into Banking/Consulting/Sales/Marketing/Finance/Market research from another industry
  • Corporate sales training
  • MBA choice advice and application guidance
  • Advice on setting up a small business from website design to marketing online and offline
  • Advice on re-entering work after maternity leave
  • Languages spoken: English and Russian