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Sessions on how to network your way to a new job


Ever got fed up with the politics and tricks of recruitment agencies trying to push through their favourite candidates (and often people they know personally or through a recommendation)? Received constant calls to discuss new jobs, which do not fit with your profile at all? Do you sometimes wonder if they even have a look at your CV or are qualified enough to understand your career history and make approprite recommendations?

Don’t fret – you are not alone! I and many people I know have experience all of the above when dealing with recruitment agencies. A long time ago, I made a conscious decision to avoid them as much as I could and liaise with the companies directly. And I have never looked back!

But it can be tough to get a response. Sure, there are contact forms that are pretty easy to fill in and click send. And then the waiting game starts and nobody from the company you have applied to gets in touch.

We can help you get that precious response (and most likely – a positive one!). We will equip you with knowledge on how to send unsolicited applications and get in touch with the right individuals at the companies direct bypassing the agencies. We will coach you on what networking means in the career search context and how to network your way towards your ultimate goal – that coveted new job!

We have also developed a customised CCV Networking Matrix for securing a job speedily and effectively and it has proven to be very successful – with our clients getting interviews and job offers as a result of utilising this unique tool.

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