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Advice on re-entering work after maternity leave


I have a son and completely understand the challenges and decisions women with little kids encounter when they are faced with the dilemma of returning to work or staying at home with their children.

I personally believe that the UK workplace is not adapted enough to the needs to women with children and although a lot of companies claim they can offer an optimal work-life balance, there is still a lot of descrimination going on in the offices of the UK employers.

We are here to help women make these work-related decisions, assess whether they are better off going back to work career-wise and whether they may want to use the maternity leave as a spring board for other ventures, such as starting a completely new job, setting up their own business or as a freelancer or going back to their current employer in a different capacity.

We will also be happy to help those who have been out from the workplace for a long time, perhaps raising several children, and now find that it is harder for them to break through the glass ceiling and re-enter the workplace.

We can provide coaching on your CV design, interviews, assessments, talk to you about your career and personal goals, advise on the industry you may switch to. And most importantly – to empower, inspire and instill confidence that you can and will do it successfully!

We can also advise on setting up as a freelancer or in a small business capacity.

If the above resonates with your goals, thoughts and aspirations, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us via our email at or via our contact page here.