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We have over 15 years experience in the Marketing/Finance/Sales and Consulting industries so we feel we are well-positioned to provide advice and guidance on how to succeed at the key interview stages of the job application process.

In this super-charged competitive environment, employers have the luxury of selecting among a large pool of highly qualified candidates, which makes companies spoilt for choice. Therefore, a lot of them introduce multiple interview rounds in order to identify the best possible candidates and sift through the less able ones (in their opinion). Some of the employers still have two standard rounds but more and more have three, sometimes four and even five!

  • We, at Career Coaching Ventures, are here to help you get through this long and challenging process, in fact, glide through it easily. We believe success at the interviews be it a first, second or third round is down to scrupulous preparation, role playing various scenarios, asking yourself all possible (even impossible!) questions, standing in front of the mirror and presenting as if you are an actor preparing for the first performance or a politician about to give an important election speech.
  • We will provide an interview setting and atmosphere where you would feel under pressure to perform (just like in a real interview room). We will ask you the most difficult questions that may come up. And – the easier ones for you to relax. There should be some respite from all this pressure!
  • For sales roles, we will coach you on possible role plays and for market research positions – on possible written analysis questions. For management consulting roles, we will advise on how to tackle case studies and group assessment centres and for aspiring bankers – how to ace both fit and technical questions.
  • We will also coach you on how to polish your professional brand online and how to make sure your CV reaches the hiring managers it is meant to reach instead of going straight to the rubbish bin. For those aiming for a career transition, we will walk you through the strategies step-by-step.

We will provide you with a toolkit for further practice at home and you will be able to call or email us anytime to ask further questions.

And we do it all because we believe in you and want you to succeed!

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We are here to coach you to succeed at each of your interview rounds! Contact Career Coaching Ventures and we will be there to support you. Email us on or feel out the contact form at our contact page.