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Have you considered doing an MBA or MSc for a long time? Confused by the multiplicity of B-school choices in the UK? Undecided on whether it is worth doing an MBA as opposed to CFA, CIMA or other qualifications? Need help preparing and proof-reading an application form and resume? Not sure about essays and the best way to reflect yourself and your achievements in writing? Would like to know about funding and how MBA or MSc can help you advance or change your career path?

If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions, then Career Coaching Ventures is for you!

I have successfully completed an MBA with a distinction-level dissertation at one of the best schools in the UK and Europe – the Warwick Business School. I have prepared my application carefully and to the highest standard, which has resulted in me obtaining a university-sponsored merit-based scholarship to cover part of the tuition fees.

I have been a panelist on the Guardian education forum advising people on MBAs (see my blog for more details).

I can also help you polish your proposal and dissertation – my business partner and I have a lot of experience in editing academic papers for Master’s, MBA and PhD students. We can also have your dissertation proofread within a short period of time to allow you to hit that important deadline.

I am here to help you and share my knowledge and experience!

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