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Recommendations on how to switch industries


We at Career Coaching Ventures also help those who would like to switch into sales/marketing/market research/finance and management consultancy industries from a different sector. You may be:

  • A mid-career professional who has been working in a particular sector for a while and would like a change
  • Somebody who would just like a ‘taste’ of a different job in a new industry
  • A student or someone from the academia who would like to get their foot in the door of the finance/management consultancy/sales/marketing/market research sectors
  • A mom who has been on maternity leave and doesn’t fancy going back to her old job
  • An MBA graduate keen to find a new challenge (and higher salary!) by making a strategic move
  • Somebody who has been unemployed and looking for a different type of job to the one they held before

We have in-depth understanding of the industries above and will design a detailed strategy for you on how to approach the transition, will help you develop a list of the target companies, give ideas on who you could potentially contact there and amend your CV according to the latest requirements of the industry of interest. We will provide mock interviews, case studies and will aim to cover all the possible angles your interviewer may take. For sales jobs, we will coach on you on how to succeed at interview role plays and practise various scenarios with you.

If you consider yourself to be one of the above and would like us to help and coach you on how to make that crucial strategic move, get in touch today at or on our contact page here.