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Would a video resume set you apart from other job seekers?



video resumeThere is a growing trend for video resumes tailored to a specific job. The case in favour is that a video resume will showcase your creativity, your ability to think out of the box and most importantly, your personal qualities and characteristics, which a traditional resume doesn’t do justice to.

Furthermore, a video resume will give your potential employer an opportunity to assess how you communicate, how you deliver your thoughts and how you present and carry yourself. This is something a traditional resume cannot do as it concentrates on pure facts and demonstrates your written but not your oral communication abilities.

However to benefit from the above, you need to make sure the video is well-edited, the script is well-thought through and informative. And avoid making it too long – at a maximum, the recording itself should be 2-3 minutes long.

Also be aware that some employers are still very traditional in their approach, for instance, some financial services and pharmaceutical companies. If you are applying to a company with a more conservative culture, then perhaps ask in advance whether a video resume would be welcomed. Also, of course, your video resume should be a complement to your traditional resume and cover letter, which should all be submitted at the same time. Also avoid making your video resume funky and too creative and keep it simple, such as you sitting at the desk with a plain background.

If you have come across some interesting and well-made video resumes, please share the links in the comments box under this post. I personally believe the video resume below is a very good example of a successful approach that has gone viral:


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